Hanin Smith

Hanin SmithHi! Thanks so much fo stopping by. I’m Hanin (pronounced “ha-neen”). I describe myself as a “creative rebel”, wife, mom-of-two and a passionate interior designer. I believe our surroundings have the ability to alter our mood and affect our interactions with others, so I aim to create spaces that foster love and positive energy while serving as a backdrop for happy, healthy memories. My backstory? I am obsessed with creating living spaces that make people feel happy at home. It’s in my bones, I think! Ever since I was little, I’ve had a love for creativity, arts and making things beautiful.  I also value security and shelter to a strange degree. It could be because my name in Arabic literally translates to "longing for home" (what were my parent's thinking?) or the fact that I am a first generation immigrant who found refuge in this new country.  Either way, the importance of a beautiful home has been a fixture in my life as long as I can remember, and as the creative one in my family, I've had the unofficial role of interior designer all along. 
Hanin Smith When I became a mom, the "nesting" instinct kicked in and took my obsession for creating cozy spaces to a whole new level.  It dawned on me that I must create a home that serves as the backdrop for safe, healthy and happy memories for my children.  It started with the nursery, and then it evolved to every corner of the house.  I’ve come to appreciate how interior design can affect your mood, the flow of the house, your clarity and essentially home décor can either bring you up or bring you down.  It’s pretty powerful stuff!
As I lay down roots in Encinitas, the culture of this beach town inspires me to embrace my natural surroundings and incorporate its bohemian elements into our spaces.  That's how Beachy Boheme was born though most of my professional life has been in media, technology and HR, I guess those experiences were preparing me for the many hats to be worn as a small business owner.  Now my mission is to help you transform your space into something you love to come home to… your own happy place!